The software engineers at Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD) have just released the most intuitive and functional medical diagnostic device software on the market- Storm Software Suite Version 2.0.

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Created specifically for Gold Standard Diagnostics’ open instrumentation platforms, the Storm Software Suite supports multiple testing technologies and formats.


Davis, California – (December 2018) Gold Standard Diagnostics, Corp., a growing clinical diagnostics company of the Eurofins Scientific group, just announced the release of its redesigned and enhanced Storm Software Suite Version 2.0 to accompany its open instrument platforms.


Gold Standard Diagnostics has, for some time, been widely recognized in the clinical diagnostics realm for its innovation in instrumentation. Additionally, GSD has recently channeled its creative efforts into the redesign and development of original software.  Paired with its existing instruments, the newly released Storm Software Suite version 2.0 maximizes versatility and utility of test protocols, workflow, and result reporting, while simultaneously giving users a simple and intuitive interface for worklist setup and monitoring.


“We are very excited for the release of our Storm 2.0 software. It really enhances and accentuates the power and flexibility of the Bolt and ThunderBolt instrument platforms” said Frank Lagattuta, Vice President of R&D at Gold Standard Diagnostics.  “From the new, sleek user experience to the ability to run both mono-test and 96-well plate format assays, to the scalable architecture, it will be a huge benefit to labs of all sizes.”


With hundreds of ThunderBolt and Bolt instruments installed in countries around the globe, the new Storm software will be welcomed by numerous users eager for its features.  The list of features includes new user access, backup options for secure data management, Levey-Jennings and kit usage reporting for QA and tracking purposes, and automatically prompted and digitally recorded instrument maintenance for simple use, along with many other abilities.  With the successful production and testing of Storm 2.0 establishing GSD’s place in the software realm, it seems likely that more creative software advancements will almost certainly be coming from GSD in the years ahead.



Gold Standard Diagnostics, Corp. is a clinical diagnostics company based in Davis, California, owned by Eurofins Scientific. The company develops, manufactures and distributes a portfolio of instrumentation and diagnostic test kits to clinical laboratories in the U.S., EMEA, Asia, and South America. In addition to the AIX1000, current product offerings include the Thunderbolt and Bolt®, open format instrumentation platforms for enzyme and chemiluminescence immunoassays, and an extensive menu of serology tests across autoimmune, infectious, and endocrine diseases.


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