Next-Generation Lyme Disease Testing Becoming Widely Accepted Amongst Clinical Laboratories

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Achieve Accurate, Reproducible Results with  Borrelia burgdorferi B31 Confirmation Blots

June 19, 2013, Davis, CA – Gold Standard Diagnostics, Corp. (GSD,, a leading manufacturer and marketer of clinical laboratory instrumentation and assays for the in vitro diagnostics market, announces new Line Immunoassay technology for Lyme confirmation testing. GSD gives clinical laboratories an improved option for serological confirmation testing for Lyme disease according to the CDC-recommended two-step process. Both the IgG and IgM line blots are substantially equivalent to traditional Western Blot technology, but offer advancements in usability and objectivity through use of Line Immunoassay technology. GSD’s LIA test strips offer numerous enhancements including: improved sensitivity and specificity, consistent results, large lot sizes, easier handling and automation options.

“The demands of today’s clinical laboratories require consistent, reliable and user-friendly products,” said John Griffiths, CEO of Gold Standard Diagnostics. GSD’s innovative, quality products, automation options, and excellent service meet those needs. The advanced technology of the GSD Lyme LIA can improve test results, workflow efficiency and cost effectiveness for these clinical laboratories.”

Differentiating Features of Line Blots

  • Easy to handle – Nitrocellulose backed and individually numbered strips make handling easy and fool proof.
  • Easy to read – Clear bands for each antigen, a serum control band and a cutoff control band make it easy to interpret each sample result. Additionally, strips can be scanned and interpreted by GSD software.
  • Clinically significant antigens – 10 IgG antigens match CDC requirements for testing for general infection as well as determination of the stage of infection. All 3 IgM proteins are included for early and disseminated Lyme disease diagnosis.
  • Strips are affixed in a booklet of durable materials allowing for easy handling. The unique numbering system makes working with GSD’s Lyme line blots simple regardless of testing volume. Whether the blots are run manually or on a fully-automated processor/reader system, the enhanced durability and easy of handling make GSD’s line blots the Lyme confirmation test of choice for laboratories large and small.

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