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Hard-to-find parasite and worm assays delivered on time by Gold Standard Diagnostics.

November 14th, 2012, Davis, CA – Simplify parasitology testing with Gold Standard Diagnostics’ (GSD) comprehensive line of assays for parasites and worms. GSD’s extensive portfolio of parasite tests provides laboratories with a reliable, single-source procurement option and access to a wide range of highly-consistent and cost-effective serological and stool assays.

“We are meeting a real need as our industry continues to experience a shortage of parasitology assays. The tests are hard to find or often out of stock. GSD enables labs to deliver high-quality, on-time patient results through reliable access to a full suite of parasite and worm assays. Whether you are a reference lab, a small research lab, or anyone in between, access to the parasitology kits you need will improve patient outcomes and simplify your laboratory experience,” says John Griffiths, CEO of Gold Standard Diagnostics.

GSD partners with manufacturers from around the globe to offer a broad menu of parasitology products.

Quality & Consistency

GSD’s line of parasitology assays provides accurate results and excellent lot-to-lot consistency. Eliminate the loss of efficiency and waste caused by unpredictable tests.

Streamline operations with shared components

Many of GSD’s parasite and worm assays leverage shared component technology. Reduce costs through less wasted reagent as all components except for controls are interchangeable between compatible parasitology assays.


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Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD) provides comprehensive diagnostic solutions that improve lab efficiency and minimize overall costs. Through an extensive product menu, automated instrument platforms, and outstanding customer service, GSD solves real laboratory problems. The result is a seamless laboratory experience achieved through an integrated approach.

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