Newest H. pylori Kit on the Market

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Improve Sensitivity and Specificity for Dangerous Strains of H. pylori with Gold Standard Diagnostics’ EIA.

Detect the strains that lead to gastric cancer and peptic ulcer disease.

July 10, 2012, Davis, CA — Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD) today announced clearance of its Helicobacter pylori enzyme immunoassay (EIA), offering improved specificity and sensitivity for the clinical diagnosis of the most virulent strains of H. pylori that have been linked to increased risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer disease. GSD’s H. pylori IgG and IgA serology tests are non-invasive and cost-effective.

Compared to other H. pylori diagnostic methods, serology testing offers a straightforward means to make the initial diagnosis without invasive procedures, special training or expensive equipment. The test is manufactured using propriety antigen purification and manufacturing processes to ensure preservation of the CagA and VacA proteins expressed by the strains that pose the greatest long-term health risks to infected individuals.

Strongly linked to the development of peptic ulcers, gastric cancer and MALT lymphoma, H. pylori is thought to be the most common bacterial infection on the planet. With roughly half of the world’s population infected, the exact means of transmission remains unknown. Treatment, however, is largely effective and often leads to lifelong immunity and relief from symptoms.

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